The Best Things You Can Do for the Value of Your Home

The Best Things You Can Do for the Value of Your Home

Your home isn’t just a house—it’s where you unwind, work, play, and spend time with those you love. So, every remodel or renovation you tackle should take into account how you live in and use your space. There is, however, another side to home renovation

  • Backyard Deck

    Deck addition


    In warm weather, backyard decks function as open-air rooms—and that additional square footage makes it an attractive feature for buyers. Wood decks cost less to install, but if you opt for composite materials like Trex, EverGrain, or TimberTech, you’ll save time on maintenance—and be able to add a bit more to the asking price come sale time.

  • Finished Attic

    Attic bedroom addition


    A common rule of architecture is that if you can’t build out, build up. Homeowners can capitalize on this principle by adding an attic bedroom, growing skyward to make the most of their living space. Just be sure to add insulation to keep the room cozy in all weather and install proper flooring material to deaden the sound between floors.


  • Kitchen Remodel


    Photo: Zillow Digs home in Newton, MA

    Ask a realtor—beautiful kitchens sell homes. Because modern, functional kitchens are a top priority for home buyers, make sure your remodel focuses on sure-to-please components like strategic storage, new cabinetry, state-of-the-art appliances, and durable, easy-to-clean countertops. If you can’t afford to go all out, even a minor kitchen renovation will help boost your home value.

  • Bathroom Addition


    Photo: Zillow Digs home in Sonoma, CA

    Having too few bathrooms in a house spells trouble for even the closest, most companionable families. Maybe that’s why home buyers look more favorably on listings that have a roughly equal number of bedrooms and bathrooms. So, if you can swing it, plan for a full bathroom or half-bath addition. If there’s no space to add a bathroom, renovating an existing bath is a close runner-up in terms of adding home value.


  • Basement Overhaul


    Photo: Zillow Digs home in Bellevue, WA

    When considering possible renovations, don’t forget what’s right underfoot: your basement. A basement has virtually unlimited potential—you can transform a musty, unfinished space into a home theater, workout space, or rec room, complete with pool table and wet bar. Whatever you decide, a finished basement will command a higher asking price when it’s time to put your house on the market.

  • Home Office Space


    Photo: Zillow Digs home in Eatontown, NJ

    A home office may not be a necessity for every home buyer, but this small amenity can boost your home value—even if you simply end up remodeling a closet to squeeze an office into your house. When planning your home office, pay attention to lighting, storage space—and security.

  • Vinyl Siding Replacement


    Photo: Zillow Digs home in Scarsdale, NY

    What homeowner doesn’t want easy maintenance? For that, you can’t beat vinyl siding, which offers significant benefits in cost, value, protection, and durability. Today’s vinyl siding is available in myriad designs, textures, and colors. You can even find vinyl siding that simulates the appearance of wood or shake siding—so you get the look without the upkeep.

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