A home inspection is an analysis of a home’s conditions that is not invasive and is limited in nature. More often than not, home inspections are conducted prior to the sale of the house in a given area. These inspections are conducted by a certified inspector who has the skill to do the job well.

One of the best Home Inspection Companies in the Puget Sound is Sound View Home Inspection. The CEO & Founder James Beck runs Sound View Home Inspections. His team provides a number of Home Inspection services. These include home, septic, mold and lead inspection. In addition to these, the company also conducts winterizing as well as inspecting for pests in a home.

James Beck works with a number of real estate professionals. At Sound View Home Inspections, James Beck and his team are committed to ensure reliable, responsive and professional services for their customers. Many customers of this company testify that they are a great company to enlist. Don’t take our word for it see a few Seattle Home Inspection Reviews here.

Here Are A Few Client Testimonials

$395K House Buyer indicates that they have done over 5 inspections with James Beck. They carefully listened to his observations concerning the condition of the house and possible problems with it as well. Using this information, they made the right decisions when buying houses.

Another customer known simply as House Buyer says that James Beck is an inspector with lots of knowledge about the industry. Moreover, he is always available for requests made in time and those made at the last minute too.

A house buyer who made use of James Beck’s services indicates that he is very reliable. He is very capable of conducting pre-inspections. The customer adds that James Beck is detailed in his answers and answers any queries very fast.

Based in Northeast Seattle, another house buyer says that James Beck is thorough and clear in his actions and services. He assisted this customer to complete an inspection where James saw issues that the customer had earlier on not seen.

Moreover, James was not shy to enter the crawl space and seek out problems and issues with the house. In addition to inspecting that house for the customer, James offered to go with them and inspect the next house that they had on their list.

When the customer and James got to the house, he walked along the perimeter checking for issues and analyzed the foundation, deck and the roof. Not only did he check these parts of the house, he also checked the electrical and heating systems of the house.

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