Structural Pest Inspection

The inspection of possible pest infestation is necessary because, if left undetected, the damage could be quite costly and a general pain to resolve. Sound View Home Inspections is certified by the State of Washington to provide pest inspection services.

Here's what you need to know about this important topic.

  • What to expect on an inspection:

  • A Wood Destroying Organism Pest inspection report - which includes carpenter and moisture ants, termites and beetles - entails a thorough inspection of the complete exterior and interior of the structure for wood destroying pests and organisms.

  • The inspector will need access to the entire exterior, including the exterior roof structure, i.e.: rafters, sheathing, fascia, etc.

  • Our inspection will not necessarily detect or ensure the water tight integrity of the roof covering (please see note on second page of sample report).

  • Any assurances desired regarding the water tight integrity of the roof covering should be obtained from a state licensed roofing contractor.

  • The inspector will need access to all rooms inside, including but not limited to bedrooms, bathrooms, closets, and garages.

  • The inspector will be looking for evidence of Termites, Carpenter and Moisture Ants, Wood Boring Beetles, excessive moisture conditions (i.e. plumbing leaks, etc.) and other adverse conditions, as well as damage as a result of the conditions that are listed.

  • The inspection will include the substructure area (if there is one) as well as the attic, therefore the access covers to these areas should be exposed by the homeowner prior to inspection.
  • Upon completion of the inspection, the inspector should go over all findings and recommendations with the homeowner or agent if desired. A computer generated report is issued and, usually, available on site or within 24 hours of inspection.


  • Washington State License #713

  • Ownership – Sound View Home Inspections is locally owned and operated

  • Wide Service Area - Greater Puget Sound area, our inspectors go where you need them.

  • Fast Turnaround for Inspection Reports – Gives you access to the information you need in order to move forward with the transaction within 3-5 days.

  • Email Reports – Providing another quick mode of delivery to all involved parties.

  • Digital Pictures Included – Gives accurate depiction of any issues with the property.

  • Prompt Scheduling – Call and speak to a live person whenever you need to.

  • Evening, Weekend and Short Notice Scheduling – We accommodate your needs 7 days a week.