Multiple Unit Inspection

This type of inspection is done during the sale of a multiple unit property. For the buyer, the inspection is done in order to detect any potential problems that may be present prior to buying the commercial property.

For the seller, it’s an excellent tool to determine what issues may need to be rectified prior to placing the multiple unit property on the market to help assure a smooth transaction. it gives both the buyer and the seller a solid perspective of the condition of the multiple unit property and what potential issues may be present.


  • Washington State License #713

  • Ownership – Sound View Home Inspections is locally owned and operated

  • Wide Service Area - Greater Puget Sound area, our inspectors go where you need them.

  • Fast Turnaround for Inspection Reports – Gives you access to the information you need in order to move forward with the transaction within 3-5 days.

  • Email Reports – Providing another quick mode of delivery to all involved parties.

  • Digital Pictures Included – Gives accurate depiction of any issues with the property.

  • Prompt Scheduling – Call and speak to a live person whenever you need to.

  • Evening, Weekend and Short Notice Scheduling – We accommodate your needs 7 days a week.