What does a Seattle Roof Inspection Entail?

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Roofing is a crucial aspect of any home and will be one of those areas which will receive most attention during inspection. As a prospective homeowner who probably does not have any home inspection skills, you need the help of an expert to determine the integrity of your future roof. Just to offer you a clue on what the inspector will be looking for, below is an insight into what a Seattle roof inspection entails.

What is the roof made of?

Asphalt shingle roofing is the most popular option in Seattle besides being the cheapest. Other options include metal roofing and composite roofs. Getting to know the type of roof the home you are just about to purchase has is beneficial in so many ways. For one, you can easily determine its life expectancy based on the materials durability. Just to give an example, composite roofing lasts for 20 or more years.

Does it have a good gutter system?

The essence of a gutter system is to drain away water when it rains. As part of the roof inspection, the home inspector will be keen to check if the gutter system has leaks and whether it works effectively to keep the roof clean. Note that gutters are a very important part of a house and can cause extensive damage if they leak or develop other problems.

How has the seller been cleaning the roof?

It is inevitable that debris will accumulate on a roof and especially in the form of leaves and branches if there are trees nearby. Although basic instinct will prompt you to clean the roof when so much debris or moss has accumulated, some methods of washing like pressure cleaning are not recommended since huge amounts of force degrade the material used to build it. If it will be concluded that a roof has been pressure washed after a Seattle roof inspection session, its integrity has been interfered with implying that the value of the house should be lowered.

The chimney

Another part which attracts attention when roof inspection is underway is the chimney. If a roof is letting in water into a house, it is most probably going through the strip where the chimney thrusts out. To prevent water from dripping into the house through this vulnerable area, contractors install flashing. As the roof is being inspected, the flashing will be checked for flaws. Note that moss could have grown underneath the flashing but has not yet given up on keeping moisture from dripping in.

After the roof inspection, conclusions will be made. If a roof will need repair after you have purchased the house, negotiate with the owner so that they lower their price. By contacting us, you can benefit from our experience in that we will help you look for a competent inspector and more so, help you with the negotiations.